You and him have been dating for 9 years??? tht means youve been dating since you were like 12!

Yup since we were 14! Lil babies

07.Sep.14 1 week ago
You should do some cool giveaway of your stuff or lovely bad things merch or something!

Hmmm.. like what kinda stuff o’ mine are you after?

You’re not getting my limon lays!!!

04.Sep.14 1 week ago
Is everyone dating everyone in the band?

lol I’m not sure what you mean? Like have we all dated each other? Brayden and I have been together for 9 years. We’re the only members of the Lovely Bad Things that have ever dated one another and we were together long before the formation of the band. ;) #nowyouknow

04.Sep.14 1 week ago